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bad science,murdoch and "un-named backers"


three for the price of one seems quite a bargain but this article is quite disturbing.

as about 3.5 billion folk depend on seafood as their primary meal a collapse of the system via acidification would be very messy directly and as folk struggle for resources.(the number of fisher folk is far bigger than the billion or so i had expected)

land based climate change,extinctions etc may in many ways be more manageable than a catastrophic collapse of the oceanic food chains of the type that does seem to have happened in the geological record.

i have no idea if the current acidification trend is reversible before a "tipping point" but if folk are "educated"about the issues by murdoch et al we is stuffed for definite .

Absolutely old boy !

real science

bellamy is a nice chap (ive met him a couple of times)but he did put the decimal point in the wrong place re the glacier thing .my understanding was that once he had the mistake pointed out he retired rather than was forced out.

the evidence for climate change, global scale geochemical changes and the rapid increase in the rate of extinctions and the conclusions that these are almost certainly driven by the actions of humans over the last few hundred years has been peer reviewed and found to be based on correct data and methods.

temperature is one factor but a misleading one if considered in isolation especially over a short period .


is perhaps a better indication of climate change.

the effect on both oceanic and atmospheric currents which this rate of adding cold non saline water to the oceans in both hemispheres is starting to become noticeable.

on a very crude level the temperature of a gin and tonic remains constant while the ice melts but the currents caused by different densities of liquid would be noticeable if a drop of ink was added.once the ice has melted the temp will rise.

ice has a large latent heat of melting but there are other factors involved in global temp such as volcanic gas and dust levels,relative solar position and activity etc etc

a simple debunking for climate change denials

ps that links to the solar activity page but the thermometer on the left has most of the denial myths and the facts about each one in simple or more complex form.

As well as acidification you also need to consider the increase in 'ocean dead zones'.

I in my ignorance thought algae would be a carbon sink & give off oxygen.
But when they die in humongous amounts they rob the sea of all of its oxygen as they decompose, & renders huge areas lifeless.
Caused by nitrate & manure run off from intensive & poorly managed farming practice, although global warming adds to it.
Scientists Warn: Largest Ocean 'Dead Zone' in History.

the rio olympics has a dead zone for the boating and rowing events,tis full of dead fish as well as toxic algal bloom and pathogens according to the news .
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