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Badger Watching?

I'm going to try something new this summer. I've always had an inkling that it might be nice to do some badger watching and I think that I might have found the perfect location. Has anyone got any experience of this pass time?
The weather is lousy at the moment but as soon as things settle down, I'm definitely going to give it a go. Watch this space, as I knock off another item on my 'things to do' list. thumbup

This is the spot that I'm going to try. I'll be able to watch them from the far side of this little valley.



1 night vis helps a lot (if using mk one eyeball get a low output red led or put a couple of red sweetie wrappers over a torch to see any small kit etc as it wont trash human N V.)

2 they like bacon butties

3 and apples

4 you and your clothes and kit should be clean but with no trace of soap ,fabric conditioner ,toothpaste etc etc ,then go live in a wood for a couple of days to get a blend in smell.

5 make sure you are very comfy .

6 be quiet and still but not rigid and tense ,relax into the landscape which can include getting on with whatever you want to do .

7 they mostly react to scent and noise but try not to be too "visible" unless you look "natural"

the golden rules of being a sniper apply to critter watching but they dont shoot back and sometimes if you "ignore"them they will ignore you Laughing

if you have no bad intent to the beasts it is easier to give them no disturbing signals

the cooking bacon thing works with otters as well Laughing even if you have a couple of hounds and a coffee pot on the go . Wink

Find a nice comfortable spot in daylight and sit there for a while to make sure it really is comfortable. Look around for landmarks and anything pale that you might mistake for a badger's head when it's dark.

Good luck and happy watching.


establish your spot as close as you can to their place is often the best way to share with critters .
Mistress Rose

Make sure your way out is free of badger holes and use a small torch. I went badger watching in the New Forest with a Guider who didn't know much about it many years ago. We sat in the pitch black, so wouldn't have seen anything anyway, and didn't use torches on the way out, which is why I went virtually up to my waist in a badger hole.

Laughing Laughing Laughing

i crawled through mr fox's midden on a ledge half way up a cliff ,beatrix potter described such places very well.
tai haku

badgers love peanuts (untouched not salted/honeyroast obvs).
Mistress Rose

We get lots of badger latrines in the wood. The art is to see them before they see you, so not ideal to go wandering about in the dark without a torch. Very Happy
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