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Bait for Rat Trap

I've got fed up of putting bait down and still having rats about so now I've decided to trap them.

I've bought a Little Nipper trap, and we've adjusted it so it should do the job perfectly... I just need some ideas now of what to bait the trap with?

I doubt somehow cheese will have as much appeal to a rat as it does a mouse...

peanut butter is a gift that keeps on giving

getting the human smell off the trap takes a few days,use gloves when re setting

rats are neophobic so it can be a while before they go near it

other good baits are almost anything you would enjoy .

Another vote for the peanut butter.

Sugar puffs - attract well and grip the prongs so they need a bit of a tug tongue2

Thanks, I will give those a try


i had thought that among my useful baits there was a bit of a "breakfast theme"the sugar puffs does seem to lean in that direction as well .

rats are vulnerable to breakfast might be a book good title Laughing

my trap has been empty for a few weeks(bins untouched etc etc) so i recon somebody has poisoned their rats.

chocolate works for mice.

We once caught one within five minutes of setting the trap.

I know there's rats there... seen footprints in the sand.

Also seen them running along our garden dry stone wall... not sure how to get them but if I get the one/s in the shed that will be a start.

Did get a couple poisoned but I was getting through the poison like no-ones business and it isn't cheap. They seemed to be eating the wheat and leaving the blue stuff (poison) behind
wellington womble

Influence the waxy blocks worked better. It also seemed to stop them taking it away and stashing it. It's no good carefully keeping the bait in dog/chicken/child proof containers, if the critters take it out and stash it somewhere else!

Peanut butter and chocolate here. Although the mice wouldn't take either and we superglued peanuts and sunflower seeds to the traps in the end.
Graham Hyde

Below is an extract of an email sent to my sister about our first night in our house here after retiring from the Middle East. M is my better half by the way........

Renarto and his wife Alice and family stayed at our house in our absence looking after the house and gardens.
They were not used to beds, carpets, sinks or baths and their idea of cleaning is not the same as ours. They do not have water in their own house having to carry water containers from the communal well and as such is used for cooking and drinking not wasted on things like cleaning.
During their stay the electric bill was between 2,500 and 3,000 peso per month. We now pay about 800 peso per month. The 42 inch LED TV was burnt out and somehow a large hole appeared in the bottom of the downstairs bath. They returned to their house the day of our arrival so we could have a night alone. And what a night.
You know what it's like, you're afraid to touch anything or sit anywhere as there's dirt and grease everywhere.
The kitchen was over run with ants and the stove top was a nightmare.
But this is usual for these people. See the fresh meat or fish in the market and you will see hundreds of flies. Insects are part of life here.
Anyway, we were tired having been travelling for nearly thirty hours and being late at night decided to leave it all to the morning and went upstairs to bed.
We made the bed with clean but musty smelling bed linen and settled down for the night.
Not long after, M went to the en-suite bathroom from where after a couple of minutes came a very loud scream then came M, running in great distress and alarm.
She slammed the door shut and shouted "RAT!"
It seems whilst she was seated, a rat ran across her feet from behind the toilet to the laundry basket.
I got dressed in long trousers, black, a long sleeved black shirt and black socks. I must have looked like the Milk Tray advert man.
M said "where do you think you're going?" She thought I was going out but with trousers into socks and long sleeves buttoned I was in my rat catchers clothes.
Armed only with a 3 foot curtain rod I entered the bathroom closing the door behind me expecting to see a small mouse.
I was confronted however with a very large angry rat. Some welcome home!
I hurriedly left the bathroom shutting the door firmly.
"There's a rat" I said to M, breathing hard, "a big rat".
"Yes, go and kill it" were her words of encouragement.
Back in the bathroom I chased Roland and it seemed at times I was chased by the rat. It jumped and ran, climbed and hid and several times ran up my legs in his bid for freedom.
Let me tell you this from my limited experience as a rat catcher, a 3 foot curtain pole is not the ideal weapon to catch a rat in an en-suite bathroom.
After what seemed to be 10 frantic minutes the curtain pole finally made it 'curtains' for Roland the rat and I emerged hero like from the battle with trophy in hand where M said "It's a Jungle rat".
Now to me a rat is a rat and this was a big rat whether Jungle or Sewer rat.
Giving the rat to one of the dogs I returned to bed and took an age despite being desperately tired to get back to sleep. My last thoughts were 'such a lot to look forward to in the morning, welcome home'.

We have since used traps, big wire cages baited with smoked fish. The trap is thrown into the duck pond to dispatch the beast within. Now we have cats and have no problem with rats now.

Invest in a load of Jack Russell dogs-once they have the hang of it and work as a team you can hire them out-and I am not joking-seriously efficient when cleaning a barn out-ready for harvest.Rats do tend to congregate and hang on till the bitter end, that's why you need a team of dogs.

Look up your local rat pack I'm sure they will help you out. Or get yourself a few terriers like they say any dog will hunt but a terrier will do the job properly. Also for bait peanut butter and olive oil to make it runny paste then it can't be taken away. Also if shooting a piece of very hot(in heat not spice) kfc chicken tied to a brick and the heat carries the sent tied to a brick and and shoot them as they try to drag the chicken back to the nest

Are you still allowed to hunt rats with packs of dogs ? Surprised

Not sure how you keep a kfc hot when tied to a brick misty - but sounds like a great idea !

Rats and rabbits with dogs ie terriers and sighthounds. Fox with a terrier to go to ground only for the protection of game birds then must be dug/bolted then shot. Rabbits you can still be nicked aswell as need to have permission of land owner and I think it's only landowner has consent to cull rabbits then if he don't do so he can pass it on to one other person also I think there is an old law that every landowner hast to control the rabbit population on there land very old law I beli . Rabbit is classed as a pest or its classed as game where you can get done for poaching. There story about a girl 16 yrs of age had dog seized due to poaching even though she had permission and was all legal whilst ferreting. Rats are also a pests and can use terriers to kill them . With the kfc just microwave it till piping hot and leave till cold they like spicy food. But if not tied to brick they will drag it back. Same with peanut butter as its a paste sort of thing water it down with olive oil and they cannot grab and run . I personally stick a ferret around the area of rats as there a predator and rats run a mile or there dead. But they can kill a ferret so they got to be bigger in size than the general rat wouldn't use a small Jill on them but I'd use my big hob.

From Misty's telegraph link ; It's important that anyone who keeps animals is very au-fait with the "powers" of these police impersonators.

"........They may dress in police-like uniforms, conduct police-like interviews and give themselves police-like titles, but RSPCA inspectors are civilians, with neither the safeguards for suspects applied by the police nor any more power than any other private citizen to interrogate people, seize animals or enter private property. Few pet owners realise this until it is too late. ............."

It's way past time these animals had their warrant and charity status removed ! Rolling Eyes

Peanut butter works well as it sticks to the trap and is more likely to activate it . I know when we have got all the rats as the ones caught in the trap arn't half eaten.

RSPCA workers are charity workers as far as I am concerned, and for whom I have no respect, as the one who had a go at me, he couldn't find me at a factory, or was it couldn't be bothered. He couldn't manage to go to the office and ask to speak to the owner of the land rover, where my dog was! I was reported by a fellow worker, for having a dog in a vehicle. The fellow worker couldn't be bothered to come and tell me himself. Outcome a happy RSPCA worker, (I gave him the choice of leaving me alone or taking the dog), dog and me! She had to be put down about 8 years later at 15-still loving LR her home!
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