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Bank Transfrers


I am selling some stuff on another forum , and the buyer would like to pay by bank transfer. At the risk of sounding thick , how do I let them do it ?Do I just need to give them my sort code and account number?

Cheers Bungo Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed

and the name of your account.

You can test this by sending a significant amount of money to...

Account name: MwaHaHa Enterprises
Sort code: 66-66-66
Account no: 666666666

Thanks Vegplot. The account name would be me then, not the name of the bank? Embarassed
Midland Spinner

It would be the name on your cheque book if they still did them (or on the bank card).

Thanks MS Smile

When I get a bank transfer I give them Tue name of the bank, Tue name on the account ( my name ) sort code and account number.
The reason I give the name of the bank is on my internet banking it asked me if the other account is a nationwide account, the same bank as me and if I can't answer it won't let me complete the form.

Thanks for that Pilsbury.I am A bit unworldly when it comes to banking etc Rolling Eyes
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