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Bantam size egg boxes

I now have bantams and now have bantam eggs Laughing where can I buy small size egg boxes please, also a guide on pricing the eggs for sale.

Many thanks

I just put them in 'ordinary' boxes. I charge a pound for half a dozen. People either love them or loathe them - like the ducks!

I've never seen any Sandrar but I bet that if they are available, they'll be more expensive than the bog standard sized ones.

I can't find any and to be honest I'm not sure I'd be able to cover the cost of them with egg price. I'm hoping to sell most as hatching eggs, once suitable.

Never seen egg boxes for banty size eggs, but have seen polyboxes for banty eggs for selling and posting as hatching eggs.

I've seen this asked time and time again, you'd think that one of the egg box manufacturers would pick up on it and make some!

There are some on the internet but from the states!

Do you think that it's because bantam eggs vary in size such a lot? Very difficult to standardise.

Do normal boxes not work?
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