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bark chipping morels

Hi, i will be putting some wood chippings down on my garden later this year. I know people here have good luck in finding morels in season in this stuff, sooo...long shot but anyone have any tips to improve my chances of a windfall next year. Anyone know a type or supplier that may be at least more favourable??? (I'm assuming the spores are likely to be already in chippings but idk if thats true or not?)

Foraging wise, quite a slow year so far for me but nor been able to look a lot, few st georges but not much else. I have seen reports of people finding chantrelles and even possibly penny buns, or at least similar bolette already on t'interweb. hope others are having some luck.

sorry to double post but i forgot to add; any one have any opinion or experience of online mushroom spores, worth a gamble purchase or likely to be snake oil?

i cant quite remember who it was but there was somebody on ds who provided such things with good results

somebody else reported no shrooms until the shed got "eaten"

the only kit i ever tried was a non grower

That was truffle, but he only dealt with truffles, the other one that I believe people have used is annforfungi

I, um, grew some mushroom spore plugs in logs in, um, a shed that isn't there anymore.

They worked.

i bought 3 black morel spores (well kits hopefully theres more than 3 spores) for a tenner from a UK seller that seems reputable. I don't mind a gamble, although Ukraine based ebay sellers just seemed too long odds.
If i get anything at all it could take up to 5 years so i'll keep you posted.

i found it through an interesting article in the telegraph


Good luck with them. I'll be interested to know how you get on.
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