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Bathoom radiator issue

This has been bugging me for ages, the bathroom radiator comes on at times that seem totally out of sync with both the hot water and the central heating settings.


It's plumbed into next door's system by mistake.

Is it the 'always on' radiator? There is usually one in the system to stop the whole sheebang exploding if it overheats.

pollyanna could be correct if it is an open system with a header tank that is the most likely reason and nowt to worry about.

whatever type of system it is other possible issues include valve problems in the boiler, "silt" in the system, control pcb problems etc etc

expert assistance might be sensible as such things are either a non problem ie a single call out fee or symptomatic of something that needs a stitch in time before it gets very expensive.

if you have (or are about to get Wink ) a yearly fixed fee maintenance plan it would make sense to give em a call.

It could be the always on radiator, but it isn't always on.

the always on name should be always available as it is only required when the boiler is cooling itself after running.

has it got an always open valve at both ends? or is one thermostatic?

even if it is the former coming on at odd times rather than just when the boiler has run could indicate some of the problems i outlined above.
Ty Gwyn

Surely if it has a thermostatic valve one end its not an Always on rad?

What's a 'bathoom' anyway? Some sort of geordie nesting box for bats?

valve is not thermostatic.

Are you running a combi system or a traditional system?
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