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Bay bolete?

From grassland running by a strip of hedge and mixed woodland. Smells nice! Cap slightly tacky to the touch.
Is there anything nasty that has pores rather than gills?


bolete ,yep,

there are a couple of very nasty boletes (look em up so as to know how to avoid them Wink )

it aint either of them ,but dont trust me or many other fools,

some boletes are better eating than others ,the good to eat ones need preparing according to what they are best at .

im not too good at remembering names so i try to remember the shroom as ,eat this way ,dont eat (which is most ) and this shroom is interesting because ...

edible boletes are best found and eaten young imho,

Yeeeah there was a "devil bolete" that was red, and another one that this didn't match.

They have to be fairly young because they weren't there a few days ago Laughing

Edit - So is anything with these pores a bolete then?

well done so far

for online id tools i use roger's ..phillip's and then cross check with a simple google image search for the latin name .

if it passes that to give a single plausible and edible id i recon i know what it is and it is dinner .

any dought at any stage ,more study or not dinner Wink

not everything with pores is a bolete .

but most that are not live in trees

It is not a bay bolete, it is a suillus.
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