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Graham Hyde

BBQ & Bread Oven Project

Almost finished the frame supports for the BBQ roof; hearth, flue and the bread oven foundation completed.
Still need to render the seats and complete the surrounding wall.
Next stage is the concrete roof to the BBQ cooking area.
Temp' around 30 degrees today so not too bad for working.
Haven't yet decided on the roof to the seating area. Would prefer concrete but a lot of work, thatch easier but life limited to 2 years and no typhoons. Either way would be concrete frame as the buk buk will eat even treated wood.
May consider UV proof fabric in the form of a circus big top that can be lowered. Any ideas or suggestions?
No refactory cement or tile here for the bread oven so I will have to use the clay type of build rather than the barrel.

Graham Hyde

Having problems uploading the photos, sorry about that.
Try as a thumbnail this time.
Slow connection, first time, mumble, mumble, red face.......

Click to see full size image

Click to see full size image
Graham Hyde

Well I've tried to post the photos twice now but no joy.
Maybe a moderator or some IT chappie/ess can resolve.
Mind you it may not be worth the effort as that large chested streaker running across the photo blocks off most of the view and her sister in the second photo....

I think the file name might be the problem, the & might be causing a problem. If you can, try saving one as 'pic1' on you PC and trying again.
Graham Hyde

Thanks Treacodactyl.
Here goes....upload speeds are between 2.3 and 5kbps tonight so it may take time. I've reformatted to reduce file size so detail will not be as good as normal.
Photo 1 shows general area, photo 2 shows BBQ & base for the bread oven.
There will be a solid roof over both cooking areas but I am looking for ideas for the roof over the seating area.
I need a roof for the shade more than rain protection.

Graham Hyde

Well, progress of a sort. Two halves of two photos after almost two hours of uploading.
I'll try one last time.
If you remember the original object of this exercise was to ask for ideas/suggestions for a roof over the seating area.

Graham Hyde

Ideas needed for roof to seating area.
Concrete frame no problem.
Prefer not to do complete concrete roof, lots of work hand mixing etc.
Roof tiles not available, thatch is available as is corrogated galv steel 8x4 sheets (ugly and rusts). Fabric an option.


would a tarp ,ropes and pulleys rig be suitable?,shade,rain cover when required and can be stowed if typhoons are expected or if not too wet or too sunny for comfort.

something a bit like a square sail but horizontal(ish) rather than up a mast

in hot and humid canvas might short lived ,what do the locals use as curtain siding on lorries? we have used lorry tarps for roofing a few times and they seem pretty strong and rot proof and can often be got at scrap price.
Graham Hyde

Hi Dpack.
Tarp or canvass are good options. Local available tarp (chinese made) has no anti UV properties and rots within three months if left in the sun. Would have to find an alternative supply, probably Manila (8 hours away) but truck side tarps as you suggest a good possibility.
I thought something like a circus big top with two concrete posts.

truck siding lasted very well re uv and wind ,snow etc etc for quite a few years in the uk

the cheap thin plastic stuff is carp whatever it is used for ,i suspect that natural fibres have "natural diners" in your location.

thatch is an option but one needs a lot of foliage to make each new roof and when a typhoon hits it will blow away the existing roof and the replacement materials

trellis with plants growing through for shade but will not stop breeze
Graham Hyde

Thanks Rusticwood. That is a good idea.
I will need to find plants that can cope with the wind borne salt difficult but not impossible. Thanks

for a largish area of strong long lasting "trellis"fishing net or helicopter net has proved robust .
Mistress Rose

I would also suggest a temporary cover that can be taken down out of the sun when not needed. If you think a trellis will cope with your weather, some sort of pergola is an alternative. If you can get something to grow over it, if the wood gets eaten, it won't matter.
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