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Tom Jones

Bean Seed Identifaction Please

javascript:emoticon('Surprised')Hi, Anybody know the color of the seeds of a Yellow dwarf bean called "Capitano",

Only had 1 bush of this grow this year, collected half of the beans to dry out for seed for next year.

Forgot to label the try and after the dried out, I think I have them mixed up with a Green runners "Galaxy"
Are they different in color?

Regards Tom

Don't know that variety but runner bean seeds would typically be a good deal larger than a dwarf French bean. Not foolproof though. They are also most often kidney shaped, flattish, and either pink or fawn with black speckles. Yet some are all black or all white and a different shape! A lot of DFB seeds I have known and loved are round, oval, or torpdedoish (not quite the right description, but longish, thinnish) and can be range of colours. Apologies if this is all old hat to you. If one of your beans is much bigger than the other I would guess that is the runner, but if you post a pic of the two on a plate we could have a guess. I make this suggestion entirely altruistically and not because I like looking at pictures of seeds I really like looking at pictures of seeds
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