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Bee suits

Having over bought, I find myself with a brand new European type bee suit.

I also have a small bee suit with flower patterns (suit 8-10 yr old), and a larger camo-type (suit 12-14) both only used about 3 times.

I was looking for a barter of 1/2 lamb (or such like) for the brand new one, but if anyone is interested in just buying I am looking for 30 plus postage for the used ones, and 35 for the brand new.

If you're close to Torbay area, I can meet to save postage.

should have said, the brand new is from Thxxxxs

Do you mean Thornes?

Which one?

Yes it is a Thornes, I bought a number from them (which remain unopened), for a project which is now ended.

edit; just checked their website, the model is no longer on there. I will get my son to photograph the bag with the suit in.

how do I post a picture?[/img]

Use the Attach File link at the bottom of the box that you type into.

sent pic via email

Good suits but, rather churlishly, I think you are unrealistic about the price of lamb. It's up to the individuals on here though.

Lamb here is being offered at 60 a half.

I have no idea if this is good, bad or indifferent, but I add it as another data point.

Different hood, same quality!

35 plus postage

If you want to barter let me know, I don't see any point in meandering the thread, but thanks for the pointers.

edit; thinking about it, a couple of young runner ducks would be nice Very Happy
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