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Beech Leaf Noyau ( thanks to cab)

Beech Leaf Noyau
Made some over the weekend ( I have a purple beech hedge in the garden), it's looking a lovely rich colour already.
Thanks for the recipe on the articles section cab

Ours is macerating. I'll reserve my thanks until I've tasted it.

We've made this or variations on it a couple of times, last years is delicious Very Happy

Just put ours on this weekend too. Trust me, its great stuff.

can someone post the link to the recipe? can't seem to find it.... thanks!!

Wildfoodie, try bottom of the page here:

'course, more or less the same recipe exists in many different forms all over the place. Richard Mabey has one in Food for Free, Roger Phillips has one in his Wild Food, and I'm sure its in many other sources too.

I think that I dropped you a sample off? And if memory serves, I made that one with a single blanched almond added per two bottles of gin. Adds something to the brew, but I can't decide whether I prefer it or not.

This one keeps really well, so I make a couple of gin bottles of it (works out at just shy of four bottles of liqueur), which does us for two or three years, even giving some of it out as gifts.

hi Cab, thanks for that. yes you did drop off a sample - very tasty it was too! I found a jar of seriously gin macerated beech leaves at the back of the fridge from last year Embarassed - added some sugar and bingo- a passable noyau -not as smooth as yours... but it works ok!! Laughing

I've just bottled the Richard Mabey recipe noyau, haven't made it for many years. Last time it came out greenish, this year it is the most incredible golden colour, like golden syrup, and wonderful flavour (bearing in mind I can't stand gin, except sloe gin! Very Happy )

Once it's bottled how long does it need to mature?

Once it's bottled how long does it need to mature?

for as long as you can resist opening it I guess! Laughing
seriously - other similar liqueur recipes I've come across recommend storing for a couple of months in a cool dark place before drinking.

Anything still slightly (or very) rough after a couple of months may benefit from longer keeping.

The rowan whisky I made 4-5 years ago is quite drinkable now.
Haven't tried the crab apple 'calvados' for a couple of years - think I'll leave it till this winter. That was truly savage.
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