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Sally Too

Beek exams.... going for Intermediate next!

So back from hols to some good news:

1. I got my Prelim Beekeeping Cert. (Score 95% Whoo hoo!)


2. The first Queen cell we reared in an apidea has started laying!

Just need to open the other hives now to see how the introduced QCs that we put in 2 and 3 weeks ago have got on. We know 2 of them have hatched but the last one QC was only put in the night before we went away.

I've now signed up for the Intermediate course starting in September. Should be fun.

I can't remember how long ago I did the intermediate exams.
At least 20 years I would think.
Good luck with the next level & hope all your queens are mated & doing well.
At least the weather is improving.
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