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Beekeeping books

What would you recommend for a child who was completely absorbed when he helped me with my hives this summer? He's around seven years old.

I've got the Haynes manual but think it might be a bit too old for him yet.

I cannot think of a book suitable for that age, but a day out here might be appreciated!

I bet it would! It's a bit far though. He lives near Winchester. Smile I might see if there's similar around there though.

I can't think of any off the top of my head.
Send a message to the guy at Northern bee books, he will know.
I've always found him very helpful.

I was right.
Mistress Rose

That looks like a good selection Tavascarow. Cathryn, if you wanted the child to visit an apiary, there are plenty of beekeepers in Hampshire. You could try Hampshire Beekeeping Association for help to find someone or a group that would let them visit an apiary.

i cant remember who wrote it but i read the life of the bee when i was about that age and have been delighted by the wee critters ever since

as if by magic here it is for free Laughing

as the introduction states it isnt so much about beekeeping as about the bees (and perhaps far more)
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