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Bees on the move.

Bees on the move a good pictorial representation of just how far bees travel in the USA.
I have no doubts pesticides, particularly neonicotinoids are the main contributors to colony collapse disorder but the miles these bees travel has to add to stress & disease levels.

Re: Bees on the move.

A friend of mine lives in the Pacific Northwest, and moves thousands of hives for almond, etc...

He says the moving and monocultures are the primary cause of colony collapse for him, and that his bees could tolerate everything else if they weren't stressed from being moved and only have one source of pollen/nectar at a time
Mistress Rose

I think that may be one of the reasons for colony collapse disorder. The bees work so hard that they have even shorter lives than usual and the queen can't keep up. Not a healthy situation for bees, and add the pesticides used on the trees, and it really asking too much of them.
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