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I keep reading that certain beetles eat slugs, so it would seem logical to try and increase the beetle population...

What sort are we wanting, and are they difficult to breed?
Mistress Rose

Not sure about that. You would have to do more investigation into the types and the sort of habitat they like.

You need the beautiful Violet Ground Beetle:-

Can't say i've ever tried breeding them but providing the right sort of habitat would be a good start. Nothing too tidy, I imagine.

There is one laying into a big old slug here:-

i think it might have been one of those that squirted my eye with something very nasty but the descriptions dont mention chemical weapons

I've handled a good few of them - I love beetles - and none has ever gone on the offensive. Course I could just be a natural beetle whisperer....... Shocked
Mistress Rose

There are other types of beetle that do eject offensive sprays to warn off predators. You must have picked up one of them Dpack. Afraid I don't know enough about beetles to know which they are.
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