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How long can we leave the beetroot in the ground?
A. till it gets bloody cold
B. get them up before the get enormous and become woody(will this happen?)
C. leave them they will be fine...

we have a nice crop but storage has not been very successful as they don't seem to like my coolest area Sad i could allocate some freezer space but it may be at the cost of something else... (first world problems!)

dito for parsnips...carrots a disaster, i can find room for the 3 we have Rolling Eyes

They are very cold tolerant.

They can get woody when they get REALLY large, but it takes a bit, and good growing conditions (enough water) help to mitigate this.

They can be heavily mulched and left in the ground during frozen months. (though maybe that would lead to rot if you didn't get cold enough?)

They can be stored in barely damp sand in a box in a cool place. Cover the beet completely and they should not be touching either the side of the box or each other.


Mistress Rose

Not sure about beetroot, but parsnips should survive in the ground. I am talking about the south of England though, so not quite sure what happens in the frozen north. Very Happy

Isn't Woo in even warmer climes?

Spring parsnips are a treat in our cold climate, and are deep enough to not need any special treatment. Beets would be a gamble for long-term overwintering in the soil here without protection (like a lot of mulch, or being hilled over with several inches of soil)

A mild form of protection would be enough to get beets and carrots into December here, so long as you prevent the ground from freezing them in place, which then means they're stuck until spring thaw!
Mistress Rose

Yes, I forgot that. Just making a general comment as some people in the north of the Island get it rather colder than we do.
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