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Bell cement mixer-wiring instructions?

Does anyone have a working electric Bell cement mixer (MiniMix).
We(He) bought at auction, but the switch was missing, and we have bought new switch, but are having problems wiring it. 110 Volt.

It has 5 terminals inside 4 large, 1 small. The wires from the motor are red& brown together, then black/grey/blue and a small blue coming out of that bank.

Obviously 2 of the wires go to the capacitor.


Im fed up with the excuse that 'the mixer doesnt work'................ Mad

Have you looked online at Belle?

Had look thanks, but dosnt give wiring instructions. Sad

I can have a look at my 110v Belle when I get home, but that won't be until next wek, I'm afraid.

Gervase, that would be super!
stumbling goat

i have a 110 volt mixer but it is late and dark (ish) I will take a look tomorrow and post here what I find.



Thanks guys
stumbling goat

went to my mixer and it has a small black switch mounted below the cover piece. i have seen several different switch designs over the years. what is your like? colour, size where it is mounted ?

stumbling goat

LLP i have a diagram from belle, entitled "back of switch new motor" for you as i am not sure what switch you have i wnet to them for help.

I am unable to copy it to you here or post it, i don't know why, guess i am a pc numpty is all.

however, if you are looking at the back of the switch, with a hexagonal fitting at the top then the wires go as follows.

hexagonal fitting at top. below that to the right is a single termianl - A1. then below that 4 terminals arranged as 2 rows of 2.

single terminal A1 - little blue lead.

top row of 2 rows at left side is terminal 14 - black cable.

top row of 2 at right hand side is terminal 24 - grey wire.

bottom row of 2 rows left hand side is terminal 13 - blue cable without plastic cover, neutral IN

bottom row of 2 right hand side is terminal 23 - brown cable live IN and blue with plastic cover on piggy back.

if you nhave an old motor it is as follows

A1 - little blue lead

top row of 2 on the left hand side terminal 14 - white cable

top row of 2 on the right hand side terminal 24 - blue cable with plastic cover

bottom row of 2 on the left hand side terminal 13 blue cable without plastic cover

bottom row of 2 on the right hand side terminal 23 - brown and black cable on piggy back.

i wopuld read this and draw it out so it makes sense. if u get stuck shout.


Many, many thanks SG. I have printed this off for him and he is away to the garage with it...........
will let you know. Very Happy
stumbling goat

pls let us know how he got on. best of luck.


Has he come back yet? The power went off here earlier, is it related?

No, he's turned Cornish..................

why do it today, when you can put it off till tomorrow
stumbling goat

LLP, if i read this thread write he went off to the mixer at 18.29pm with the diagram and had not returned at 02.33am?

where is your garage exactly, Basingstoke? Laughing


you can just see the headlines - man goes to garage and disappears for unexplained amount of hours....

"they just came out of nowhere and took me up to their craft, where i was experimented on sexually..........."

must have been a headline for the Sunday Sport sometime.

And no, he still hasnt tried it......... Mad

Hello, Stumbling Goat

I think your wiring directions are great, and he has done it, but the thing still has a problem in the motor, and he now thinks it might be the capacitor.

So although the switch is wired, we still dont have a working mixer.
stumbling goat

sorry to read this, hope he gets it sorted eventually.


Right - update -

Switch wiring is fine, and this appears to be working. he problem now seems to be the capacitor. I need t check what colour the wires should be going to the capacitor.

SG can you help with this?. Smile
stumbling goat

have you got some bits missing from the mixer switch assembly?

can you post a picture of what you have got?

stumbling goat

i do not know how capacitors work.

do they have to let current through?

does anyone here know about them?

can you test it?

must be something online to help you. i will see what i can get on monday from belle.

stumbling goat

hi llp, i have emailed belle this am re the capacitor query. will let you know asa they respond.

i bought an old machine from an auction some years ago and i tred all sorts to get it working buying and fitting a new capapcitor, a new switch. eventually i took it to a service agent who condemned it due to the knackered motor. i do hope you have better luck than i did. kept me busy for some time tho'.

stumbling goat

brown and red come out of a loom together, they go to the capacitor. does not show which one goes to which side on the diagram.

out of that same loom and continuing on to the switch are black blue grey and another blue.

hope this helps.


Thanks for all that. When he got the mixer it would work if you held the switch in with your finger, so it was working. The wiring seems to be correct, thanks to your advice.
We are off on a jaunt to L'ston this afternoon, but he will get back to it this evening.

Many, many thanks for your help, and will let you know
stumbling goat

a new switch eh, i think it will be the wiring. there could be a break within the coloured sleeving of the cable?

as an example i bought a extension lead at the tip some time ago for 50p. it looked relatively new but had been thrown and i was told it did not work. it was worth it for the 30 metres of cable. i checked the pug, and the fuse, all okay. disconnected the plug and pulled at the ends of the loose cables with pliers, the neutral wire popped out, about 3 inches long. there had been a break in the wire. i cut it back and rewired the plug and viola, a fully working extension lead for 50p.

I would do a continuity check on the switch, when you press it to ON there is a circuit between one side and the other. jiggle it about a bit to make sure it does not have an internal intermittent fault. just because it is a new switch does not mean it is not faulty.

then do a test on the wires that you can see both ends of, feed in both neutral and live and any wires you can see both ends of inside the machine.

good luck.

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