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Belle Mixer 150 (electric)

This topic has been answered partially, I also have a belle mixer 150 (electric). I am trying to work out at what angle (belle mixer) to pour in the gear oil and how much to pour in? as I have have never attempted this. Also while mixing cement there are traces of oil leak between the belt and gear box.

Any Suggestions please.

I'd email Belle using the contact details in the other thread. Doing a quick search they recommend keeping the mixer parallel if you're changing the engine oil on a petrol mixer so I'd guess that would be the same for the gear oil, but an email would confirm.

Electric shower

My triton electric shower only gives hot water when turned to the highest setting otherwise provides cold water, any suggestions please?

the setting controller is probably stuffed

sometimes turning it up and down repeatedly (with it off) maybe 20 times will clean the terminals enough to make it work again.

if that does not work it is a new controller or a new unit depending on relative price for each option.

When you say 'highest setting' are you talking about .......
the dial with blue and red at either end or.....
the other dial/switch that says high/low or maybe has symbols indicating one, two or three heating bars

The first dial with blue and red gradients, controls the amount of water. More water passing over heater element = colder shower.

The high/low button/dial, controls the number of heating elements used. If it is this switch I guess an element (or things controlling it) is broke.

Either way its like dpack said - cost to repair versus cost to replace.
Replacement can be quite simple if you get a similar unit. Check the entry points of cable and pipe are similar and it could be a straight forward replacement with no alterations to cable or pipe.
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