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Best ever chicken soup.

This soup celebrates chicken as it has very few ingredients.

Take three skin on chicken thighs, shallow fry slowly in a little olive oil, takes about 20 mins pan lid mostly on.
Meanwhile soften 3 diced leaks in a little butter.

Allow chicken and leaks to cool. Separate the decent meat from the thighs.
Put skin, bones and leaks into pressure cooker, add water (of course use some of this water to de-glaze pans) to cover and cook for 50 mins.
remove bones.
Whiz finely.
Sieve finely into saucepan
add finely diced chicken meat.
add skimmed milk, you have to judge quantity.
Use vegetable stock powder, or good chicken stock and black pepper to get the seasoning right, cooking on low for about 20 mins.

that looks good,i need to expand the chook recipe collection and will try that on the next one

I have a lot of soup books, and they have myriads of recipes for chicken soup with all sorts of esoteric ingredients, but none that say hey this is chicken soup, you know what? lets basically use chicken Rolling Eyes
With this soup you don't even add garlic, and you are not going beyond softening the leek and into caramelising them, the idea is that this is about the chicken, the leeks make the texture very creamy, but in no way overpower the fact that its about the chicken.
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