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Best mineral block for goats.

Can anyone particularly knowledgeable point me in the direction of the best kind of mineral blocks for goats? Number 62 is terribly skinny despite being wormed and I'm wondering if it's some kind of deficiency and they need a new block anyway and have only been on a bog standard one from Countrywide so I daresay there is something out there that might be better but thought I'd see if anyone had any suggestions. Thanks

Mine get red rockies and a cobalt selenium drench once a month.

There's a goat mineral supplement powder promoted by Wytsend, made by Denis Brinicombe, I can find the details if you want them.
And there's a Adam Henson mineral drench, you'll have to google for that one.

Hope that helps. Thought you'd got rid of goats and changed to cows?

I've always used the Rockies one for my two, suits them fine. Will look inot the mineral drench maybe, but they've been absolutely fine without it for 6 years now, always interesting to see what's about though, and read upon current thinking.

Contact Denis Brinicombe for the Premium Goat Feed Balancer on 01363 778792

This Balancer will do away with the need to use anything drenches etc will be needed in addition to this mix. It makes life very ssimple !!!!! Goats rarely use blocks properly !!

Mix the powder into soaked sugar beet to start with

Well, I thought I'd got rid of the goats too but then the friends that were going to have them changed their minds....

So I still have the two Togs and haven't got round to doing anything about it. I keep hoping I'll meet someone with a desperate desire to keep goats but no luck so far, possibly something to do with the fact that I don't get out much Wink

Thanks for info Very Happy
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