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Best Plum Variety

I think it has to be Mallard, no good as an eater but great for anything else, stuff that we will use it for:

Jam - The best bright red plum jam bar none
Chilli Sauce - I use it as the basis for my chilli sauce
Sweet Chilli Sauce - Made some yesterday
Plum relish - The recipe I just listed
Crumbles etc too

I think we've picked around 60kg off two trees this year
Mistress Rose

I prefer plums for eating raw, as I was rather put off plum jam in my childhood when it was rather too common. I don't do chilli sauces at all, prefer apple or blackberry for crumble, although I do occasionally make wine with plums.

My favourites are Ollins golden gage or Victoria. The farm shop I patronise gets plums from early to late,so glad to say we get quite a long season with them. The Victorias came in last week, but the earlier ones were very good too.

I like plums eaten under the tree, too, and our finest quality fruit is still Kirke's Blue ( and the wasps agree).

We had lots of huge fruit on the Opal tree this year - left on the tree till its really ripe, it's delicious.

for flavour if not yield some of the bullaces are great.

of the plums my fave ever were huge, dark purple and grown in greek sunshine with a bit of irrigation , no idea what type but i suspect the weather/tlc had quite a bit to do with quality Laughing
Mistress Rose

We have had Opal from the farm shop and they were very good this year.

The best plum is surely the one I'm stuffing into my face? Laughing Laughing

No homegrown production yet, but some credit to Morrisons for stocking English greengages. Shame they're in plastic...

When I was in the marital home I had Victoria plums and they were very good. I inherited an orchard of around 100 trees of most types of fruit. I kept our families in fruit for most of the year and sold some as well. I have been back since and it is all gone. Such a shame.
Mistress Rose

I got some greengages and Victoria plums this week, so will see how they are and report back. Using a farm shop, I return all plastic punnets to them for reuse.

We had a Czar plum when we lived in Nantlle..small dark and luscious!
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