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best way to sell these?

this is first of potentially many in a short time scale as all i need to do is crop and edge images from 70 sheets of that sort of thing to give tattoo designs,

at the mo this image is 1mb so well within the 2mb limit for the online design sellers and would print the transfer 8 by 5 inch or so at a decent quality. the way with them is post it ,they pay about 75% of download price from any customers,which seems to be around a tenner a pop but it can be sold many times.
folk post a brief, lodge a prize ,30 to 200 quid is usual and chose the one they like most.

then they take the print to their local scratcher

direct to inkshops is also a possibility but requires more marketing/sales than i can be bothered with until ive produced a batch

i recon i have potentially got a range of scarey,funny,odd,and odd but nice ones in a similar style to the one ive posted here and just from the raw art work should be able to make a couple of hundred "ready to ink"images

what if any thoughts do you folk have about sales strategies:?:

edit having looked at it ,the next one is rather better polished for a website ,either would print ok but it might as well look good on screen

this is more how it would look online


what does the second one look like on a phone/tablet?

a slightly different type but you should sort of see the theme of this range.

some will be really simple ,for filling gaps or coverup jobs or as a small tat

both of these ones are about 6" by 8" so would fit on arm/leg/flat bits

tis more how to market them than content or method i think i need advice on

i now have 5 crisp and tidy ones

such as the ones above and three like the ones seen in the raw previously

i was thinking that with complex ones such as these the price of the design is a lot less than the price of inking ,therefore a reasonable 20 for such as these and a fiver for simple shapes with no linework or watershading.

maybe you folk are not ink types ,nor am i, tis the marketing strategy im trying to work out rather than planning my( or selling your )full body suit Laughing

i spose it is a bit like selling craft kits or knitting patterns ,neither of which i have any experience of

any thoughts will be appreciated

Well I'm into ink, but have just learnt from this that people pay for designs online! I guess not everyone goes to an artist who can design though.

Guess the thoughts I can offer are based around actually getting ink. Main one is that the first 2 designs won't work at 6"x8", they would need to be much larger. Reason being intricate detail cannot be done small; over a few years as colours bleed slightly it would turn in to a blob.

Also, whilst I am not aware of the marketplace for tattoo design online, I'd suggest intricate or not that 20 is quite steep (though that's based on nothing more than my opinion). There are thousands upon thousands of sources of free flash (tattoo templates), not to mention any artist worth their salt would be able to design a tattoo specific to the person.

If I paid 20 for a tattoo design, at the very least I'd expect it to be unique, not something which 100 other people could download and get.

Marketing wise, maybe look at either getting in touch with some artists and offering your work as flash packs on a payment if used basis, or post watermarked versions of these and try to get commision to tweak designs and make them unique.. Maybe make up carbon versions of the designs which an artist can use to put straight on to someone's skin.

I don't mean to sounds overly negative, but there is a large difference between a great piece of artwork, and a piece of artwork which would truely work as great ink.

I'd also mention that it is VERY unlikely someone would use a template for a cover up, Coverups generally speaking would be done by hand, and designed specifically to overlay an existing piece. It's the only way to get the design/colour right for a succesful coverup.

thanks that is very useful advice re online sales/marketing vs the personal approach.

re the parameters of what will ink i will do more research but now i get the idea that ink is a low resolution media and small size /fine detail will not work on skin with a tat machine

sizing is no prob,clickety click

the flash pack idea is possibly a good way to go with some and the custom design thing based on a style with others

thanks ,any further thoughts appreciated
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