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Beware - low flying chickens

Remembering I'm new at this game, is it normal for chickens to fly around often? One of my Gauloise girls insists on flying across the garden at waist height (my waist, not hers). And if she isn't flying, she's running like mad. Is it akin to a cat's mad 'dash' moment they occasionally have, or have I just got a very aerobatic chicken.

And both Gauloise seem to have a very strong urge to rid the garden of any flying insects by chasing them around the place and then eating them if they catch them.

My birds are in covered runs for a reason.

When we first got the Legbar, she made a break for it and ended up 20ft off the ground in an Oak tree. It was only when a Magpie landed next to her that she freaked out again and landed back in the garden for us to shut her in the run.

When we had our hens one was quite good at flying. Landing was less of a specialty though...

one of the "dirty four dozen"would run ,jump and fly for ten or fifteen metres at very low level as though evading sams,her landings were a bit untidy as she forgot to use her feet.

ive met a few that could do vertical take off and get a couple of metres up either to land on something or to crash back down looking surprised

most cant or dont fly but a few manage to master at least part of the process

"chicken run" is a pretty good documentary about the quest for flight

ps they do respond to training but ive never tried to teach one to fly well Laughing

My Light Sussex and Welsummers pretty much like to keep their feet on the ground, where as my Anconas, which are a much lighter breed, fly like pigeons.

Pekin Bantams are not aerodynamic, but it is fun watching them. Ours do the mad dash for no reason, much squawking and flapping then calm is restored.....

Our mongrels fly out of the hut in the morning when you open the door. Some manage face height.....
They are as aerodynamic as a brick but very determined.


Even my pekins have their of them regularly flies over the pond, rather than walking about 3 feet around it. One of these days Rolling Eyes

I agree, landings can be quite embarrassing sometimes.
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