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Bingo and JP's foray pics

Just got back from a foray with JP. Get yourselves out there , we found Winter Chanterelle, Hedgehog fungus(loads) and to top it off a nice Cauliflower fungus.
Check it out.



lol very nice im guessing that was one of your secret spots , u seem good at finding chantrells what type of enviroment do u look for for them mate more woodland or other type


Well it was secret but I took JP there this morning and I've given the Doc. a grid ref. so its not so secret anymore. I think quite a lot of people know about it anyway and the thing is its such a big area with so many mushrooms, two more people won't make a difference. Although, you won't be getting it for your idea, mate.
they seem to like coniferous but have found them in other areas.

lol as i thought and dont worry i would not think of adding that area to my idea as i said it will be only areas that i get full permission for i am not like that , as is apparent from the websites i run my self , but if u dont mind letting me know the grid ref that would be really really nice , like i say dont worry the only person who will know will be me and my dog

Good hunting, I wish I could have joined you both, perhaps next time. Smile

Pick up your pm mim.

hay what about me lol . check your PM mate

nice load of mushrooms. what will you do with them all?

There is only one word that comes to my mind: JEALOUSY.

I hate you and jp deeply Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

they seem to like coniferous

Deceiveing tactic. I can see ONE oak leaf in your basket. We'll find the place, sooner or later [Arch-evil laugh]

It was an out standing foray - thanks for showing me the spot Bingo. Some eaten already, some drying in the airing cupboard, some waiting for breakfast tomorrow. Very Happy

I hate you and jp deeply

Your only jealous Zarza...oh yes, so you are Laughing

I can see ONE oak leaf in your basket.

Cunning plan, Bingo, to put the oak leaf in the basket - knew it would fool them thumbleft

Shocked God. I wish I had been able to make it there ...

Cunning plan, Bingo, to put the oak leaf in the basket - knew it would fool them

LOL Laughing
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