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Bio diesel course in Devon

This is an email I received, forwarded for anyone interested. Please PM me for contact details.

Dear all,

After the relative warmth received from the Sustainable transport and Biodiesel lecture I gave last term, Geoff has allowed me to look into putting on a day long “hands on” course in the basics of Biodiesel production. First steps are to gauge interest so if you or any friends would be interested in learning the dark art of turning vegetable oil into a sustainable diesel alternative then let me know! (Details below)


Please can you pass this on to anyone not party to email or other interested parties.

Vague Details so far:

Course covering:

Intro to sustainable fuel: Diesel engines running on Biodiesel / Straight vegetable oil (SVO)

Health and safety Issues.

Basics of Biodiesel chemistry

Hands on: Making your own sample from Waste oil.

Titration for waste vegetable oils. Washing and Settling of end product.

Intro to small scale Biodiesel production equipment: The processor.

A Saturday 9:30 till 4 session on a weekend at some point after Easter at Bicton.

Numbers would probably be limited to ten and under initially

Cost minimal because it’s a pilot (under ten pounds to cover chemicals and protective glove purchase…….assuming lab hire/venue is free)

Good idea, I'd remove the email address though, just put a note telling people to PM you for contact details.

Very interesting. I doubt if I could make it this year but I'd love more details if there was a way of asking for an article or links.

Anyone thinking of going?

I'm interested. We could stay at Allisons! Cool

It isn't that far. I do my NVQ with Bicton

this is a copy of a followup email I received.
Alison, which course are you doing at Bicton?

Dear All,

Thanks for the responses to the potential Biodiesel course, there are around sixteen interested so far so something will definitely go ahead for all. I’ll now investigate “where, when and how” and get back to everybody for a Saturday ( or two?) after Easter.


Argicultural management.

Sad Did mine as a level 3 in Custodial Care Confused

I think Ag Man might be a bit more interesting!!
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