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Does anyone use a Harris bipod and is it worth spending a bit extra on? For prone shooting would a height range of 9-13 inches be best? I've tried one that goes up to 9 inches and it seems too low. Finally is there much difference between notched legs or smooth ones and is a swivel base worth an extra 25?

I have a Harris bipod they are very good. It has two settings (6" & 9" if I recall). Quick to deploy and yet light. I suspect the unotched versions are more adaptable but fiddley. I've not used mine for prone only bench.

If nine inches seems too low, I'd suggest trying to modify your shooting position before experimenting further. Prone is, er, prone.

My experience seems to match what Harris say, the 6" - 9" one is sold for bench shooting and the 9" - 13" for bench and prone.

Swivel base means you can negate any canting issues, so that if the ground isn't perfectly level you can tilt the rifle back over to get verticle..... a small spirit level bubble tube help to get this right.

I would recommend the taller bipods.. have just seen how much they cost and am glad I didn't buy mine new.

They are times when shooting from sitting is a very comfortable option, and they also give you the scope to shoot over taller grass.

However they are heavier...... Smile

Hope this helps.
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