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Black trumpets

Amazing - we've just come back from a forage with plenty of black trumpets.

Any good cooking or drying tips?


That is surely because of your marvellous location, n'est pas Question Dry them on a wire rack over a radiator - see the suggestions in the stickies at the top of the foraging section. These mushrooms are best used as a flavouring, rather than eating them alone (IMHO the taste is too strong). Can you point me in the direction of any truffles?

I like them with pasta. Soften some chopped onion and seeds/nuts such as Pine Nuts and Pumpkin Seeds in olive oil until browned. Then add trumpets, cut or torn into strips, soften till cooked. Add Japanese soya sauce, balsamic vinegar, some good quality pesto, and optionally some chilli. Heat together and mix into pasta such as penne. I guess this is an autumnal pasta given the ingredients.

Take care cleaning the trumpets as wood lice etc like to sleep inside.
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