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Blewits in our garden?

We finally got around to a bit of garden tidying up as December started.
Lurking under a very large forgotten giant spinach beet plant, in a part of the garden that until Feb this year had a huge Leylandii growing in it and 2 compost heaps .... we found some mushrooms.
Initially we thought we had found porcini/cep and then convinced ourselves we were going to die a horrible death from deadly Cort .... thingies.

Now we suspect we have wood blewitts. ??????

Suburban garden just inside M25 near beginning of M3

Spore sprint came out looking the colour of old ladies face powder (v v pale fleshy pink)

Stems are pale - white-ish with purple/dark violet vertical striations (lines). Stems are bulbous towards the ground. When cut in half, stems are a bit spongy/loose textured and continue to be so as they go up into the cap. In cross section the cap shows as a dark brown outline. Outline of the stem cross-section has a mauve tinge.

Comments please. And should we eat them? Is there anything nasty they could be?

Click to see full size image

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Looks like wood blewits.

yum but treble check

lucky patch ,they will probably be back next year as well

Man, I can't even find Wood Blewits in my Wood Blewit patches this year!!!

Spore print is your trump card, the cortinarius species it can be confused with would give you a brown spore print. The light pink you got is Lepista Nuda.

Whether you should eat them? Noone will tell you you should eat any mushrooms based on a photo ID over the internet.

Whether you should in general eat Wood Blewits though.... they are one of my favourites.

I would also say blewitts. The smell is hugely distinctive, very sweet orange juice.
By no means an expert but i find blewitts frequently share their spots with other species so look at each one carefully (smell each one, the smell really is unmistakable). Also you can't eat them raw.

They are slowly coming through here Scott (west wilts). I found some last year and am now revisiting the spots, got 2 outside McDonalds today Wink

As if by magic, finally off the board today

And sounds like the food outside McD's was better than inside HKS!
Mistress Rose

We occasionally get wood blewits, but haven't found any this year where they have been in previous years.
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