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Bloated lamb

Any ideas to deal with lamb with bloated tummy. he was fine yesterday morning, but off food last night. His sides are distended, but he is drinking water. The other lamb with him is fine.
He is about 6 weeks old and has no other symptoms. feels like gas or wind. He is trying to scratch his tummy with his back hooves.
Obviously guts his milk yesterday morning...
Any ideas anyone?

I'm afraid I'm not an expert Lorraine (in spite of being a sheep keeper) and Gervase (who is far more knowledgeable on these matters) is not around today for me to ask - one of the VSS crew would be a good person to ask though. Why don't you PM them?

I don't want to sound all gloom and doom, but we had a lamb that had exactly the same thing a couple of years ago and sadly it died within a couple of days. Sad I hope that's not the case with yours.

Have you had a look on the DEFRA site for possible answers?

It sounds as if this is a bottle fed lamb, Lorraine?

Also sounds as if he's got wind, which is why he's kicking his tummy - its painful. I would get some liquid paraffin into him - use a syringe to dose him.

Was also thinking of the liquid paraffin thing.
Thanks guys.
Spoke to the neighboring sheep farmer who agreed it was probably wind and said if it dies Ill give you another one. All heart.

Could be all manner of things. Impossible to say without seeing the animal, or knowing a bit more about its history.
A few points though:
Baby lambs are not ruminants. The rumen is non-functional at birth, and milk is diverted to the fourth stomach. If it gets in the rumen (usually because of bottle feeding using a teat with a hole too big) it'll ferment, causing digestive upsets or bloating. Its important, therefore to encourage early development of good rumen function. This can be done by feeding straw or very course hay in place of the nice soft meadow hay you think they'd like best! Also feed powdered milk much more dilute than the instructions say. Full strength milk + soft hay + fewer, larger feeds = bloat!

Also watch out for urinary stones. Would kick at belly in discomfort. Affects male lambs getting cereals. Always provide rock salt.

Took a little milk this morning.
Was out in the sun yesterday, nibbling grass, not lying down, just walking around looking a little sorry for himself.
Vet (on phone) suggested leaving him to sort himself out for a day or so, as long as he was taking water and not lying on the ground at deaths door!
Tummy not so bloated this morning, so he's maybe passing watever upset him.

If it happens again, dose the lamb with live yoghurt.

Will try the yoghurt.
he is still with us, still walking around looking crap, but on his feet. Still sipping water, not taking any milk feed, but nibbling grass and nibbling creep (we think).

How much yog would you suggest (assuming I can get any in?
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