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Blushers and Burners???

Hi, pretty quiet here and dont expect to really find much as its so hot/dry. That said i have been trying to search the damper spots of my wood and have seen a few things around they are both outside of my comfort zone so proceeding with caution. Would value any comments.

So first off i maybe found a blusher but it immediately set off alarm bells in my mind as it could also be a deadly panther cap. Done quite a bit of reading now and it seems there are three key characteristics to ID the difference;
- the hoary spots are grey not white and 'easily' removed on a blusher
- the ring on the stem has grooved lines on upper surface (for a blusher)
- bruising pink (this is the key one i guess giving the blusher its name)

I understand they (blushers) must be cooked as poisonous raw.

My other find was maybe a charcoal burner but maybe not I have seen russulas previosly but i usually just ignore them as i have no confidence in IDing (and usually there has been loads of other stuff around so i kind of just havent bothered). It seems easy to Id a russuila as part of the family but not the specific type? Again i have been reading quite a bit on them and they seem to be something of a mine field.
- Colour seems to be little help at all but it would be best to avoid vivid red specimens all together (??).
- the gills should be flexible and not brittle (Rub a knife over the gills and if they are brittle and fall apart easily it is not a Charcoal Burner)
- I read tasting is one way to be sure if they are any good (acrid/hot/peppry then poisonous, mild/sweet then good, no taste then not worth earting)

obviosly i am extremly weary about using taste as a test for poison. What do people do (provided its definately a russula and passes the flexible gills check) I assume its a case of dab a bit on your lip if that doesn't burn dab it on your tongue if that doesn't burn hold it on your tongue a bit longer??? (and obvisly don't swallow at all)

The ones i found yesterday actually seemed to make my fingers itch after handling so i would not taste it personally. I do plan to return to the spot and test the gills with a knife for brittleness (kind of become familiar with russulas and hopefully see a difference in the future)

any comments or advice i would like to expand the range of things i find but not looking for a last supper ; )
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