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Body scrub help

I have decided to use all the left over clementines.
They have been peeled and juiced.
I have made a granita.
I am making an oil from the powdered skins.
I am now planning to make a body scrub from the pulp.
Question is recipe calls for coffee powder.
We do not posess such a substance.
Would drying the grounds from a bean to cup machine be a better option?

Should work. BW spends good money on facial stuff containing coffee grounds.

Ta muchly.
Will give it a go.

I’m guessing they’re only for friction.

I would hope for a finer ground coffee to use as a scrub, but yeah I've emptied the French press remains into a mug and taken it right in the shower for a similar effect.
Mistress Rose

I would think coffee grounds would be better in some ways as they would give the scrub you need and being used, wouldn't give up so much colour. In a different facial scrub, I have used salt, and that works very well, but not sure how it would do in yours.

Well it is made.
The coffee grounds were probably too fine to do anything but bulk it out and turn it a chocolate colour.
I added vert slightly ground sea salt and it works a treat.
Mistress Rose

Sounds good. Does it stain your skin, or just colour the product.

Fortunately it just colours the product.
Mistress Rose

Good, a 'healthy' look is fine, but it can go too far.
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