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Book binding ?

I've got a couple of books and a thesis in pdf form that I'd really like as proper books that you can take to bed with you and write in the margins and put (real) sticky notes and book marks in . . .
I can manage the printing of it myself, but I have no idea how to make it into a book, short of getting someone else to do it for me, and that looks like 27 a time minimum. Surely there's a cheaper way of doing it?

there are a few options

ring binding is cheap.but a bit fragile and rough to handle

if you can print each page onto half the sheet of paper and set up for doing both sides then folding each page,collating into sections ,sewing them,and then sewing the sections to the tape and adding a cover is fairly easy.a proper job.

print it ,make a tidy pile of the pages ,clamp them tight and use a hot glue gun on the edge to stick em all into a book,press an end paper on while it is still warm,glue cover to endpaper.depending how well you do it the result is similar to a paperback book

kindle? but the real notes etc is a bit trickey.

Get thee over to YouTube - lots of book binding videos showing the stitched method dpack mentions. Doesn't look *too* difficult.


i have made big sketch books ,tiny notebooks with 400 pages and leather covers etc etc ,it is easier than it might seem from descriptions ,video etc

i recon the most important thing to get right is the number of papers in a section ,this is based on paper thickness/stiffness and the size of the pages .

a "bone" which is a smooth blunt thing the shape of a butter knife made from bone or hard plastic is essential for folding and pressing folds

if you mean to make a decent job of it avoid cheap papers as they "rot"quite quickly .it is possible to get decent acid free papers in pooter printer sizes .if you self print remember that some pooter inks are not long term stable so photos will fade/change colour unless you use photo quality cartridges

in some ways print and bind for thirty squid seems a decent idea

iirc my dissertation was about 50 squid for two copies of about a hundred pages each ,a quarter words and 3/4 pictures bound in hardback style

Get thee over to YouTube - lots of book binding videos showing the stitched method dpack mentions. Doesn't look *too* difficult.


Rolling Eyes I have a knack for missing the obvious. Embarassed

I don't particularly like spiral bindings, I've had a few road atlases like that over the years, and they don't last well, but on the plus side they open out nice and flat easily, and a friend has the gizmo. Very Happy

Another obvious option I missed is simply to make deep margins on the spine side, simply punch holes as for an ordinary file, and use one of those springy things to clamp the whole lot together! Rolling Eyes

I do like the idea of making a proper job of it, for at least one of them though. The original was not as big as A4 and had big margins, and relatively large print, so it may be possible to do two pages to a side, and still be readable.

Thanks for the input Smile

There are some very amazing videos and tutorials on book binding on youtube. Just search there and hopefully, your problem will be solved.

Perhaps post a link to the best one back here?
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