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Both failure and success

These are some of the lambs we are having to feed at the moment. Far more than usual. We always aim for none by the end of lambing but it's not going to happen this year.

Failure: Welsh ewes are hardy creatures and good mothers usually. They had a good summer so we were probably a bit lenient, some of them obviously should have gone.
Success: These aren't bad lambs and all but two (at the moment) have learnt to feed from a bucket feeder.

They are great little characters (see me, the hard nosed farmer).


Aw. Little lambkins Very Happy

Our first two were twins whose mother must be a young ewe who took one look and thought, nope this isn't for me. We have no idea who they belonged to. We still have one of them in that heap, and he knows he belongs to me. Rolling Eyes

i prefer mutton to lambs but even a horrid old man like me thinks those are quite charming

They'll probably be mutton as well.

Welsh lambs do look sweet with their curly coats love7

However after helping my neighbours lamb their welsh ewes many years ago I can safely say I will NEVER have a welsh ewe in my ownership. Hardy etc yes... co-operative... no.

I think I'll stick to my docile, sweet (and often very stupid) dorsets....

Rolling Eyes Very Happy
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