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After a bowmaking course at Bullworthy Project I've been making some more self bows

The one on the left is 6 ft 6 in long and a 35 lb pull, the one on the right is 6 ft and 45 lb pull

That's pretty good draw weights for sticks. Nice work.

Thanks, I'm hoping to make the next one about 55-70 lb draw weight

hello Cool

it is worth remembering that draw weight is a two way street ,too little and there is only a small amount of energy available,too high and the bow is hard to use.

perhaps the most important parameter is how well the bow converts potential energy into kinetic energy of the arrow and both the flight characteristics and terminal ballistics of the arrow

the factors that have the greatest effect on performance are the speed of the bow from bent to strait over the draw length,the stiffness/elasticity and mass of the arrow and the matching of arrow to bow.

i have used many longbows and the same pull can produce very different results depending on the factors above and a few other parameters including such as the pointy bit and the lay of the fletching.

self bows made from a stick or bowstave can be effective but the results depend on many factors perhaps the most important ones being choice of wood,shaping and matching the arrow to that bow .

i am not a great fan of ash (too heavy and far too slow),flat oak can be ok ,self yew need to be well chosen and shaped and tend to be a bit heavy for me but can be amazingly effective .

laminating is good for providing effective and a reasonable draw weight for instance my bow is yew and purple heart .it has a 50lb pull at 29 inches and a virtually flat ballistic curve over 100 yds and a "in that patch over there"range of over 300 yds
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