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bramble jelly, old recipe with new subtleties.

the basic 6 fruit to 4 sugar by wt applies but the method has a had a few tweaks that are new to the family recipe which goes back at least to the mid 19th c.

your berries, grade 2 are perfect ie not sweet enough to be desert or freezing ones but fine for pies etc is a guide.
a mix of 1 and 2 is ideal and is often to be found if the weather has been less than kind at ripening time. that means that even in less than perfect conditions a worthwhile amount is worth picking.

( a mix of 2 and 3 can be fermented quite nicely )

pick and cook immediately, they lose their flavour on the bedpost Laughing or go fluffy etc

method tweaks

berries, ( an medium sized apple per kilo of blackberries for pectin ), a tenth of the sugar, about a fifth of the depth of berries in the pan of water.
boil, cover , stir now and again and simmer until fruit breaks down. ( add a bit more water if it gets claggy )
the pan needs to be about 3 times the volume of the fruit and sugar as this will get a bit frothy later Wink

sieve into bowl with remaining sugar
return pulp to pan, cover with water, boil, stir and simmer until pips look clean
discard pulp, degunk pan, boil contents of bowl while stirring

now it is boiling you are stirring this until it is done Rolling Eyes it is possible to take a break before bringing this stage to the boil.

add a pinch of bicarb and a pinch of sea salt, it will fizz a bit.

stir quite vigorously and boil and move from the heat until it settles if it tries to escape, repeat, for quite a while , it will go through quiet and bubbly stages, keep going.

when it has reduced somewhat it will start to go darker now is the time to start the drop on a plate test.

large white plate , white for obvious reasons , large so as it does not get too warm.

every couple of minutes drip a bit off the spoon.

the colour will darken, there will be a fairly exciting fizzy moment a bit before it is ready.

the texture of blob after a minute or so will change over about ten mins from thin skin to soft jelly with a little liquid below, get ready.

some time over the next few mins there will be a dramatic darkening and rapidity/solidity of drop setting.

remove from heat to drop the temp a bit and bottle as a staple or as treats.

good keeper, ace on toast, classic with meats, with muesli and coconut yoghurt is spectacular, with a chopped melon yummy.

it might well work well as a ripple in ice cream

etc etc.

ps although it seems a rather brutal process with some serious stirring and paying attention it does produce a strong and stable result.
tis a good keeper from the high sugar content and afaik the steam prevents a lot of the vit c being oxidised, not sure about the othe vitamins but all the minerals will be in there.

mostly it is very yummy and a good way to use marginal blackberries
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