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Bread pudding

½ lb stale bread
3 ozs dried fruit (sultanas, currants, chopped dates, figs etc to make up the amount)
2 ozs butter or marg (melted)
2 ozs sugar
1 level tbsp golden syrup
1 beaten egg
1 level tsp of ground ginger & one of mixed spice (and some cinnamon and a good pinch of nutmeg. The more often you make it the more you be able to adjust the spices to your own taste.)


Soak bread in cold water for 30 minutes. Keep pushing the bread down into the water so that it absorbs it.

Drain through a sieve and push well down to get all the water out. Put in a bowl and mash with a fork to get the bigger lumps and crusts down a bit.

Add melted butter, beaten egg and all the other ingredients and give a few stirs until everything is mixed in.

Turn into a greased one a half pint tin or ovenproof dish.

Cook for about an hour at 400 degrees halfway down the oven. When a skewer comes out clean then it is cooked.

Leave to cool and cut into pieces.

400 degrees? State your units. Wink


crumble topping catches fire at 350c

it might be a bit chewy and stick to the lips at 400 Rankine.
Ty Gwyn

Only ever had bread pudding with sultanas,but that does sound interesting to try.
Back in the spring when hauling silage bales from Llanybydder I call in the bakery there for bread to stock the freezer and the best jam doughnuts in Wales,and there it was bread pudding,i hadn't eaten it for years,beautiful but different from what I was used to,a lot darker,so seeing your recipe I presume they swapped the golden syrup for black treacle.

I woke to the smell of bread pudding this morning. Mum helps at a toddler group that do toast for those who want it. Mum brings home all the crust ends of bread and make bread pudding. She now cutting it to take back to the group and people give donations from the groups funds. Waste not, want not
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