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Bright colours for needle felting?

The children have become obsessed with needle felting. It's like an extreme sport. What's the best source for small quantities of bright colours, can anyone recommend? Or sell me some?

I get mine from world of wool it's classed as botany waste it's about 15 for 500g (the only thing is you don't know what you'll get) but I'll have a look what i've got and sort some out for you Very Happy Emma xxx
(not RW! Cool Cool Cool )

If Emma hasn't got the colours you want let me know, I've got a small mountain of the stuff I can rummage in
Nicky Colour it green

what are the favoured/sort after colours

I have sorted out a bag it will be in the post on Monday Cool Cool Very Happy Very Happy xxx (chickem )

Thank you ever so much Emma. You are fab xxx

I have some very bright colours you can have too.
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