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Brinsea OvaEasy 380 incubator - SOLD

I am selling my incubator.

It's a Brinsea Ova-Easy 380, one of the big ones. It has three shelves that turn and space in the bottom to hatch. It takes five or six dozen on each shelf and the same in the hatcher.

I have five moveable size trays that take quail to goose, and a quail egg tray. I hatch in cut-down cardboard boxes and then throw them away afterwards.

The integral digital thermometer does not work and so I use an ordinary mercury one taped inside.

It has run all season for the last three years with a break in the middle of winter. We strip it down and oil the moving bits twice a year and I sterilise it with a good soap and water scrub down followed by a UV light.

Spare parts are readily available from Brinsea should they be needed; but it's a real workhorse.


The hatch that is due to come out mid week can be included for another 50.


Now sold.

To Wellington Womble as part of her triumphant decluttering exercise?
wellington womble


No. I only bought birds, and they Do Not Count. In fact they might even eat some of the food that is cluttering up my dining room. So there.

To a chap from Landkey, actually Smile
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