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British Gas CO2 detectors

Not sure if I have posted this in the correct place, I have neighbours who are almost ninety, they are very independent, when I called to see them they told me that they had to have a new CO2 detector installed by british gas, their previous one had started beeping and they thought they had a gas leak so they called BG and they came and said it was the battery in their detector, when they asked if all that was needed was a new battery they were greeted with the sharp intake of breath and a shaking head and told they would need a new one at 20, Does anyone know if you can just replace the battery in these - I dont want to get on my high horse with BG until I have the facts.

Firstly, it's CO, not CO2.

Do you have a picture of one?

Is it this one?

As they should last 6/10 years.

Spending 5 minutes on Google suggests that you should NOT replace the batteries, as it's the sensor that has a limited life span.
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