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Broken Windows

I bought a new(ish) keyboard for the laptop that had a dying one, plugged it in and it seemed to work fine, but I'd also had overheating problems with it so I decided to open it up and have a look while I had it on the bench.
Didn't find any clues, so put it back together and ran the hardware self test which checked out fine,

But now Windows (7) refuses to boot. Startup recovery doesn't appear to do anything useful, but Linux appears to run without trouble.

I can (and probably will) reinstall Windows, but does anyone have any ideas what it is that I might have done to break it?
Or how to fix short of a reinstall?

as the hardware and linux both seem ok i suspect something is amiss with doze7(and or the drivers) a re install might fix it.

re overheating it can be :

a power supply/ battery thing,try using plug in/battery out
fluff or crumbs in the machinery , sometimes looking alters the situation(see heisenberg Laughing )
odd, incompatible or evil software making the thing run flat out even when you are doing nowt with it , a reinstall might cull this prob
hamsters on phet (or to be more technical a bad power supply , grid voltage spikes etc etc)
i had one where the heat was produced by the cooling fan bearings running in grind mode Rolling Eyes
loose connections of heat sinks is a good un to check for.
many even stranger causes have been known
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