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Broody Tales

Yesterday I had to laugh. Just over 3 weeks ago Nutty, a first time broody started sitting in the spot where the in lay hens were laying at the back of the stables. After that every time they laid next to her the egg was rolled underneath her. After a week or two she was sitting on loads. As I had left it too late to mark them I just let her get on with it. Yesterday I heard the sound of a mum chatting to a chick. As it is dark in the back of the stables I checked up on her by torch light to discover that Nutmeg, another hen (Gingers daughter) was on the eggs. Risking life and limb, and wearing gloves I lifted her off to see tons of eggs but no chicks. Shining the torch in the corner I discovered Nutty sitting by herself and low and behold a chick peeping out. Lifting her up (more pecking and blood letting) I saw she had two healthy chicks.

It appears that Nutty was happy with two and Nutmeg is hoping to take a short cut to motherhood. I shall give her a week or so to see what happens. This late in the year the chicks are an unexpected present.

What a lovely happy ending - hope you get some more chicks hatching in due course.
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