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Browsers - Google Chrome to Firefox

I have had Firefox as my browser for many years now.

However when I switched my laptop on today, I now appear to have google chrome (which I have never used) and want to get back to Firefox.

Can someone tell me how to go about this please? Also, any ideas why my laptop has suddenly developed a mind of its own....

Confused Sad

I'm not sure what you are asking, you just open Firefox like you always do, unless you've activately removed it, it will be still there

I'm not sure what you are asking, you just open Firefox like you always do, unless you've activately removed it, it will be still there

I always open Firefox from my start bar (its at the top) but now it says

Google Chrome


Firefox seems to have vanished to be replaced by Google Chrome...

Right... I found a Firefox icon on my desktop and have set that as my default browser so hoepfully that problem is solved Very Happy

However the internet toolbar is missing off the top of my screen now so I have no option to save my opened tabs as my home page (or whatever I had it set at before - so that I dont have to re-open all the pages I use regularly, they open automatically)

Any help on this one?


I seem to have sorted things out....

Shocked Very Happy

Good oh. Smile

Smile. Givery chrome a try though - I held out for years and when i finally gave it a go it was noticably faster.

I hate chrome, uses more memory than ff terrible resource hog

Anyone tried Waterfox?

I hate chrome, uses more memory than ff terrible resource hog

Very true, if I just open Chrome and a reasonable handful of tabs it uses more than 100% of my memory ... many years since I used Firefox, it used to crash so often that I switched to Chrome ... but that was then, so no idea how Firefox compares today.

Things I like about Chrome:

Type a Google Search into the Address Bar, and get predictive search results shown which include search of browser history; Chrome (or more probably Google ...) frequently influences the results in a way that suits me. Predictive text results also includes Google's MATHS for "searches" such as:

2 metres * 6 feet in square yards =

or even:

Speed of light in furlongs per fortnight =


Auto-translate - Chrome offers "This looks like French, translate?" and after you have said YES on a handful of French pages it then just translates all French pages you encounter thereafter. Failing that there is RightClick and Translate (Translate performs much faster than Internet Explorer, not compared against any others). Chrome screws up embedded elements though - such as eBay pages where the "description" bit is not part of the original page source, so that bit doesn't get translated Sad Internet Explorer seems to get that bit right.

Chrome Bookmarking seems to work well for me - 80% of the time a single click selects the right folder, and a second click a suitable "recently used" on for another 15% of the time ...

Right-Click and Open In New Tab creates a TAB in the right place for me; Internet Explorer always opens new tabs at the far right end - which is only ever right for me if the parent tab was already at the right hand end!

I find the Page Debugger much better in Chrome than the add-in I used to use for Firefox, but that may have improved since too.

Everything you can do in Chrome you can do in Firefox. I love Firefox as a browser and Firebug is second to none as a debugger

However I still have to use Chrome for testing as it is notorious for breaking websites, I'm not averse to it but I don't have any fondness for it in the same way I like Firefox but I have colleagues who swear by it.

firefox fan here ,as this machine runs vista and takes about 200 gof dedicated hd and a fair bit of ram just for the os not using chrome is a lot faster and less likely to crash .

i use ffox for linux on the other machine cos im used to where the buttons are Rolling Eyes

i have tried a few browsers and some are more horrible than others ie IE which i really dont like especially for it's pushy lack of manners as demonstrated by it adding bits that destabilize the system or install as defaults without asking when it updates,that added to it's reputation for being the first choice hacker target makes me relegate it to neverland.

IE11. It trumps both Firefox and Chrome IMHO. Great for web devs.
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