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bt broadband

for the third time this month i am back online.
24hrs first time ,5 days second and third times.

according to this engineer the server problem has eventually been sorted but time will tell.
it seems to be quite common that a normal reset doesnt and a port change in the roadside box and dynamic reset was only good until the next auto reset.

tis fast and cheap when it works but if that is only about half the time it isnt quite the bargain it seemed in the adverts.

so far it has cost them 3 engineer visits and a couple of hours call centre time just for me and as i know of other locals in the same position and engineer 2 reckoned it was a national problem sorting the server would have been the best option to start with.

ps they aint getting paid for this month or we get a free upgrade if they want to keep us out of the clutches of virgin fibre direct.

grrrrr Laughing

and virgin direct rent the equipment from bt.......

and virgin direct rent the equipment from bt.......

Not if it is fibre.

Virgin uses the fibre laid by the cable companies back in the 1990s/2000s and isn't connected to BT for that bit

Ah, thanks Smile

Not that our local stuff is that up to date Confused

york has new superdooper fibre but we have waited for it to sort out the teething troubles etc and for them to try to fill their capacity with good domestic deals.

unless one was running servers or watching a lot of movies simultaniously it was a bit pricey when they first put it in .
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