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bulworthy project

Bulworthy Project Open Day

We're having an open day on the 6th of September. We've put the initial details on our website today. Thanks to some friends of ours providing some great and educational entertainment it's going to be a really fun day.

that looks nice ,best of luck with it

Remind us nearer the time! Very Happy
bulworthy project

Remind us nearer the time! Very Happy

Will do. Hope you can make it.

Remind us nearer the time! Very Happy

that would be good....I will put it on the calender.
I might even bring RW Laughing

I don't suppose well behaved dogs are welcome? I can understand if they aren't of course.

I still have a cherry trunk/stump for Rustic wood as well.
bulworthy project

Sorry, not even well behaved dogs.

Intrigued by the cherry trunk/stump though
Mistress Rose

Don't think we will be in your area then, but would come if we were. Good luck with it. bulworthy project

Great news. Our Temporary Entertainments Notice came through so we can sell Alcohol and play recorded music at our open day.

We've also lined up some great entertainment for children.

We have a poster to email to anyone who likes eating, drinking, craft demonstrations and hanging out in the woods.

It could be easier to find the directions to the place... bulworthy project

It could be easier to find the directions to the place...

Thanks for pointing that our Hairyloon. We've reinstated the picture with the link.
bulworthy project

A friend of ours asked if we were ready for the open day today. The only honest reply was "not yet but hopefully by the end of Friday."

We're really looking forward to it and hope to see some of you there.

We're planning on coming so long as it's not pitching down. What's the ground like underfoot? Our best case scenario would be for N to be able to be in her powered wheelchair - it goes on the grass on the lawn okay, but not over soft ground. bulworthy project

We're going over some of the rougher bits of the tracks with a vibrating roller before the day so getting around should be fine. We're using the downstairs of our house which is fully accessable so there is an accessable toilet. The ground is luckily not too wet at the moment but even if it rains a bit before the day accessability should be fine. When you get to the gate tell whoever is on it that you need to drive up to the house rather than park in the field. If it is possible for you to drop N off at the house and then park in the field, that would be great. Chez

Perfect, thank you! Fingers crossed the weather holds. sean

We're coming. Smile Mistress Rose

We won't be able to come, but good luck with the open day and the weather. Chickem

We're comming too! (Chez we will bring the item we discussed at the councilling session Wink Laughing ) Chez

Thank you. Marriage-smoothing items always welcome Wink Jamanda

What a fantastic open day! We had a great time. Who was your lamb supplier? the cider was excellent too! And it was very interesting to see how the charcoal is made. The young lady running the pond dipping dealt very well with Arvo junior organising her.

barbecue again tonight then Smile

seconded Very Happy
We all had a great time too! you've got a lovely set up ... Rusticwood is really looking forward to the Bow making course on 20th.

A golden day, here, too. Thanks, Pete! arvo

What they all said Smile

Very jolly.

Thanks Pete.

Very nice today

See you for some more fun in 2 weeks Very Happy



More pix:


And more:


And some of other things happening:


Forgot one:

Mistress Rose

Looks like you had a good day. Glad you all enjoyed yourselves. Chez

There were pigs and pond dipping and lamb burgers. Haven't had such a stressless day out for ages. Also it appears that we are all going to get rocket stoves Smile Treacodactyl

Are there any details on the knee sized kiln? sean

It's the same kiln with a giant charcoal maker stood by it. Wink 12Bore

Like this, a lot!]

We were collectively very taken with it. Nothing like the combination of a gadget and a fire Smile sgt.colon

We were collectively very taken with it. Nothing like the combination of a gadget and a fire Smile

Unless you also want to include cake in there.
bulworthy project

Thank you all for coming. It's the people who turn up who make the day work.

Who was your lamb supplier?
They're called Little Whitstone Farm and they have recently started their farm just a few miles from us. They mainly do lamb and free range chicken

More details on Dean and Kerry's rocket stoves at:

Are there any details on the knee sized kiln?
We got it from woodsmiths store. It does a burn in 5 hours which is ideal for a one day event. If we were using it to make charcoal for any reason other than demonstrations we'd get smaller vents. It does come with butterfly valves in the vents but we don't get on with them so we cut them off.

We have no plans to repeat the open day even though we really enjoyed it. We do have some ideas however for some more intimate events for next year which should be a lot of fun.

We tidied up today and we're just about to celebrate with a barbecue and a pint Smile
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