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Business banking

I'm setting up a new company and it's great opportunity to see what the opinion is on the various banks. We've been using NatWest since '95 who have been okay but not out standing in any way.

Turnover will be small in the first year at around 50k.

Does anyone have a strong opinions?
Rob R

Re: Business banking

Does anyone have a strong opinions?

*puts on tin hat*

On the subject of banking, I have been very happy with HSBC & have never had cause to think about changing throughout from my first ever account to setting up the business, the in-branch staff are particularly good and any problems I've had have been sorted out very quickly with just a phone call.

the HSBC are kn*bs on the whole but fast acting ones who tend to rectify certain mistakes as and when it suits them.

I've been considering swapping and opening a co-op business account but not got much further than that.

But then as for Natwest if they offered to double what I deposited for the rest of my life I'd still never have an account with them

We are with Barclays and like them.

We were with the co-op before and they were good, but their online business banking was dreadful. It's probably improved, though.
Ty Gwyn

2nd HSBC,had a business and personal accounts with them for nearly 25yrs,overdraft facilities and tele banking AI,
No cause to change,but in reality,its the Branch and the Manager.

this year go for the one offering the best deal ,review options,you pay them so make em work for it

I know others may not agree, but we've been very happy with the free business account at Santander. Its simple, they have been really helpful when we've been in touch with them, and although you have to pay in cash through the hole in the wall rather than over the counter, so there is an extra lag day or two, its done the trick for us at this stage no problem. Most importantly, its free.

I'll be conducting a thorough review but as it's been pointed out that it's often down to the branch staff and manager on how well a bank is perceived so ideally I should be asking this question locally.

Please keep the responses coming and I'll let you know who I eventually went with and the reasons why.

personal is nice but in banking the maths is king

ease of transaction and access to sensible folk is helpful

remember you pay them

If you turn over a lot of cash there are advantages to using the Post Office for business accounts. That's not going to apply to you though.
The chippy uses HSBC but they're closing the branch in town so he's looking to change.
The Plough uses Barclays. The deals are different for charities though.
I've dealt with efficient and useless branches of all three at various points.
Mistress Rose

We are currently using Santander, as was Alliance and Leicester because they do offer us free banking for the amount of money we deal with. You have to put in 1000 a month or pay 5, which is not too unreasonable. They hang on to cheques deposited longer than is really necessary, but suppose they have to make their money somewhere. If you put the cash in through the Post Office it is deposited that day or the next.

I would not have a personal account with them, but have not had too much trouble with the business account to date.
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