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business in Bulgaria opportunity

I thought maybe someone here would be interested in this? Nothing to do with me, but I have had volunteers who have stayed there and they said it was ok.

Varna Hostel for sale, 4000 euro.

Could be a way to get going aboard if anyone is looking for one.


(Could the link fairy fix the link for me please?)

Varna's a nice enough town, too.

Yes you would be living right on the beaches.

As a guide line we find we can live here in Bulgaria on a good standard of living for less than 1000 leva a month, call it 6 grand sterling a year.


Although living in Varna is far more expensive than living in a more rural area. But great opportunity for someone. I am sure it would do really well.


For anyone considering a move abroad and to Bulgaria in-particular, to give you an idea of what you can get for your money, I have a little old house with half an acre listed on ebay and still under 2000. Obviously needs work but prices here are still at rock bottom following the fall in the market over the last couple of years. Things are starting to pick up slowly.

Renovated places can be bought for as little as 20,000 - ready to move into.

Many opportunities - good returns from growing lavender, grape vines, renting off agricultural land......

Sure, the country has its problems and the language is difficult to master, but for those with a sense of adventure and who live the self-sufficient life, it is a good place to choose.
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