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business rates

has anyone any experience with business rates for an on-site small business from home (when home is a smallholding)?

We're not paying business rates at all thanks to the Welsh Assembly Government rates relief programme.

Thats not helpful.....and makes me very jealous.
welsh veg grower

we had our property re valued by the vauation office so that we pay council rates on the part of the house we live in and business rates on the B&B / self catering element this tends to work out cheaper the guy says. it did for us (plus as veg plot says we now get 100% subsidised on the business element)

however I think that there are implications with this on your home as if you sell you then have tax liabiliities on the business element of the house i.e. if you have made money on the house.

my accountant helped with this part.
Rob R

There might be something similar in Cornwall though? I take it that you can't claim that it's agricultural then...

It is agricultural...its a AOC house and we work the meagre anmount of land here and the business is agricultural.
Rob R

In that case you come under an agricultural exemption?

Ah, but do you though?

We still pay community charge on the house.....

I was under the impression that you were exempt if you were a farm...Ill need to ask the accountant.
Rob R

Houses are domestic, but if it's an agricultural business then it shouldn't be rated. The following is what our local council says about exemptions on their website;

Certain rating assessments are exempt from Business Rates. They are:

Agricultural Land and Buildings - including farm offices (used solely for agricultural purposes) and allotments / nurseries

Fish Farms

Places of Religious Worship, which are open to all members of the public



Public Parks

Property used for the provision of training facilities to the disabled or for keeping them suitably occupied

Air-raid Shelters

Swinging Moorings - i.e. Buoy and Anchor

Enterprise Zones

thanks for if we are an agricultural business (which we technically are) then diversifying for added value (selling cream teas etc) would still be agricultural?
Rob R

I think the acid test is whether half the turnover comes from the farm, so if it was a small amount of off farm sales it'd be ok, but of course it's best to check that with someone in authority.

Lozzer. I think that the business you are thinking of starting will be looked upon as being part of your existing smallholding businesss.

Thank you all.
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