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But they're not supposed to do this.

Our six day old piglets have decided that it might be nice to have a wander around but they're not supposed to do this ! Now they do say that bars do not a prison make and they definitely don't for these little Houdini's.

Quick scarper, the screw is coming.

Now personally, if I had red hot sun beating down on my back and a bar close at hand , then I'd be quite happy to stay put.

They're tiny little things but all thirteen look to be doing fine.thumbup

They look a really fit lot, Bodger, takes me back a fair few years. Looks like a bit of tin needed, tied onto the bottom two bars of the gate, been there, and had to do it!

I got some weld mesh fitted across the bottom straight away mate. Very Happy

Fabulous piggies - that's made my day! Very Happy

Made my day too - especially the action pics of the little terrors heading home.

delightful critters ,thanks for sharing Very Happy
Graham Hyde

Great pictures Bodger.

Do you 'sell' the pigs when at a certain weight? If so, at what age is this normally?

Here they usually are 90kg when dispatched.

I don't know about live weight but butchered they make between 25 and 30 kg per half at around six months.

sorry to be girly but
CUTE Very Happy

I'm a blokey bloke and they're definitely cute. Laughing
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