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Butcher in Sudbury Suffolk

JBS Butcher's - right in the town center. I had never really looked twice as it seemed a bit run of the mill (and I patronise the village butcher). But today I noticed a change. There was a row of pigs heads hung up in the window, followed by duck, hare, pheasant , other game, as well as whole domestic rabbit and even squirrel!

Oh and beef suet for grating ....

I am going to have to go back and investigate further!

When I was a kid there was a fishmonger/game-dealer at the bottom of the Cowley Road in Oxford who had the most beautiful displays.

On a slightly more macarbre note...I was told that 50 or so years ago Carcassonne had a "dog butcher"

I know the French will eat most things, but this surprised me

BTW I love Sudbury
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